Raspberry seed oil has potent antioxidant and antimutagenic. There is a wealth of carotenoids, vitamin E, which scavenge free radicals and have a substantial impact on our skin – it rejuvenate, soften, smooth, may even reduce superficial wrinkles. An important ingredient – ellagic acid, a compound that belongs to the group of polyphenols have anticancer properties, protection against genetic mutation and is also antibacterial agent and antiviral agent. The high content of active ingredients, this oil is very stable, it can even stabilize other oils. It is ideal as a base oil serum of vitamin C.


The oil itself does not moisturize, but protects the skin from excessive loss of water and strengthens the natural lipid barrier of the skin, in combination with humectants (aloe, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycerin) is an excellent cosmetic moisturizing and oiling.